Psychology Society

Executive Team for 2020/21

Ballot will be sent to you directly

Voting period ends on April 10th

Note from the current Executive

We understand we are currently in strange times, but want to make sure incoming Carleton Psychology Students have a community within PSCU.

We hope by putting elections entirely online we can help students all over become involved with the Psychology Society. Positions are not limited to students in Psychology, but to anyone with an interest in psychological study and thought.

Thank you.


Candidate Bios


Jaya Budhia

Over the past year I have been your Director of Communication and want to continue work with PSCU as President during the upcoming year. I am a psychology student with 4th year standing, having just completed a year in co-op. As president I hope to focus on not only events, but online opportunities to connect and relate together. I want working on executive to feel like a family, and I hope to expand that feeling into creating a sense of community in the psychology department. This will be my third year attending PSCU events and getting to know people in psychology and I want to help others to have an experience like I have. I understand times are strange right now but hope you will consider me for president.

Vice President

Lizz West

Hello! I’m a current 2nd year student studying psychology and would be thrilled to be apart of the 2020/2021 executive team. I have spent the past school year getting to experience society events such as the Oliver’s Pub Faculty Networking event and volunteering as a baker for the November charity bake sale, as well as being a PSCU Class Representative. In the past, I have been the secretary and treasurer of a successful executive council that has worked to raise money through the sale of sweaters and worked to offer interesting events to students. I have enjoyed my time contributing to and participating in the work offered by the PSCU and I believe that my prior experience would make me a great fit for the society’s VP or Director of Member Relations role. Thank you for reading my bio and I hope you vote for me as your new executive member!

Director of Research

Alexis Serghanuk

Hello, my name is Alexis and I will be entering my 4th year at Carleton. I am majoring in psychology and doing a minor in neuroscience and mental health, both of which interest me immensely and inspire me to become someone who can help others not only identify their problems and anything causing them anxiety, but also tackle their issues head-on and develop healthy coping mechanisms through proven methods and strategies. Personally, I think I resonate well with the research position because I love keeping up to date with psychological research and expanding my knowledge in order to apply new concepts to the real world and later in my future practice. I will be working on my thesis and practicum in the upcoming school year and sincerely hope I can contribute to the psychology community with my own unique perspective which combines the theoretical and applicational side of psychology with the molecular and functional aspects of neuroscience as a coherent whole. In addition, I love to write about the brain and debate and learn from others on the latest innovations and methodologies for assessing brain functioning as well general psychological theories in order to make sense of the sometimes chaotic world around us. Hopefully I will get the chance to share my gift for cognitive as well as psychological literature and writing analysis with the Carleton community.


Qijia (Teagan) Zeng

Hi all, I’m Teagan, a third year psychology majored student. I’m an energized and enthusiastic person, and I would love to bring fun while organizing and learning to our society ( if you understand my weird humour). My goal next year is to apply for the counselling program in a graduate school, and I believe my experience connecting people here would benefit for my future. I also believe that the passion and inspiration of the psychology society would really lead to something marvellous for everyone involved. It’s a hard time for everyone right now. While the earth is taking a break, I hope we all human also take a nice break then start working towards something great altogether!

Micaela Bertels

I currently have a 4th year standing, planning on completing my thesis next year with Dr. Coplan! My major is psychology with a concentration in social/personality, but I also have a minor in neuroscience and mental health. I'm interested primarily in director of member relations because I feel like that position meshes the best with my skill set. I pride myself on being very organized and conscientious in my day to day life but especially with academics. All of my friends can attest to that, they've seen my colour coded agenda! Additionally, I believe clear communication is essential for a team to work effectively and efficiently. I would love to be able to utilize my strengths to help psych society run the best it possibly can. Please consider me for director of member relations!


Veronica Dhindsa

My name is Veronica Dhindsa, and I am running to be your next Director of Events for the year 2020-2021. I am currently in my first year of university studying Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law and a minor in Psychology. I hope to be part of this wonderful society and get more involved with the psychology department. I am incredibly passionate about psychology; It was my specialization in CEGEP, and I was a research assistant during my studies. I am incredibly eager to become more involved with the society and have the opportunity to bond with all of you. As a person, I am extremely approachable, bubbly, supportive, highly organized, a planner, and a real team player. My goal for this position: plan fun and interactive events that will be accessible to all students; bring all event ideas to the executive members at the beginning of every semester; submit detailed activity plans at the beginning of both the Winter and Fall semesters; and create a google document for all members to suggest activities and give feedback

Zaina Damanwala

I am a second-year international student, studying psychology honours along with a minor in neuroscience and mental health. Pursuing a degree in psychology has been my passion since I was a kid. I love conversing with individuals and helping them at whatever point they need me and I'm likewise an incredible listener when required. Cheering people up and making sure they’re fine gives me satisfaction. Furthermore, I have organized and managed many community events in the past and I’ve also been a leader and served for my community. My event management skills along with collaboration and communication skills would provide the Carleton psychology society with a great asset. Lastly, I would love to be a part of the Carleton psychology society and give in the best I can and make amazing relations for lifetime.


Quinn Lin

My name is Quinn, and I am currently enrolled in B.A honours psychology with a concentration in social psychology. My passion for art, and design, in addition to my interest in digital marketing, and content coordination, combined altogether with my love for the scientific study of the mind, and behaviour has ultimately led me to run for the position of Communications Director with Carleton’s Psychology Society. If elected, I will ensure that all psychology students will be kept up to date with the relevant information, and opportunities offered by the society. I will accomplish such means through managing and updating multiple channels of communication. Being active on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn is a priority, and I will also look towards opening a Twitter account. I also wish to update the current website, such that its interface is more appealing for users. Furthermore, I hope to facilitate greater communication for those subscribed to the society’s mailing list. Lastly, I plan to initiate more marketing/advertising campaigns to increase the society’s presence among psychology students, and students interested in the study. Thank you for your time, and consideration. I hope you will vote for me April 3rd as your Director of Communications.

Director of Finance

Alexandra Jordan

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m studying Developmental Psych. I would be interested in being the director of finances for the Psychology society at Carleton because I would like to become more involved with the psychological society here at Carleton. I think I would be a good candidate for this position because I am very organized. My vision for next year would be to get more people involved with the psychology society

Isabel Borsodi

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel and I am a third year forensic psychology major here at Carleton. I’ve been the director of finances with the PSCU this year and have learned a lot during my time on the team. I feel like I have the skills and drive to continue to successfully continue the role into the next year should I get re-elected. Hope you’re all taking care in this stressful time and looking forward to seeing everyone again in the new academic year!