Psychology Society

Executive Team for 2021/22

Nomination Period Ends April 3rd 2021

Positions are not limited to students in Psychology, but to anyone with an interest in psychological study and thought.

Information from your application will be posted on the PSCU website so members can learn about you as a candidate and make informed voting decisions. Make sure that your profile is written relevant to the position you intend to fill.  More information is available in the Google Form above.


Executive Roles


  • Managing societal resources, including directly leading the executive team, as well as overseeing all societal operations

  • Responsible for external representation of the Society and ultimately accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of the Society’s mandate and mission

  • Attend and chair all society meetings

  • Planning the direction of the society each year 

  • Delegating tasks amongst the executive team

  • Calling general meetings to order

  • Approval of any new initiatives

  • Communication with outside organizations other than those outlined in the roles of other executive team members

  • Communication with Professors and Department members at the University

  • Creation and elimination of executive positions; followed by an executive team vote 

  • Doing everything they can to build consensus and demonstrate strong leadership

*Must have been a member of PSCU exec at least one year prior to applying to President

Vice President

  • Managing all incoming emails and sorting them in to the appropriate folders 

  • Conflict Resolution - dealing with any conflict that rises amongst executives, members, or volunteers and deciding on a course of action (along with the President) 

  • Co-Curricular Records - update each semester and approve requests based on list of members and volunteers from coordinator 

  • Taking minutes at all meetings 

  • Election:

    • Sending out emails to alert students

    • Preparing and counting ballots 

    • Notifying the newly elected team 

  • Acting President if the President is unable to fulfill duties for any reason

  • External contact for other organization

Director of Research

  • Creating a monthly newsletter which includes:

    • Information on grad schools

    • Volunteer and research opportunities in the community and on campus

    • Information on new findings and interesting facts in the realm of psychology 

    • Upcoming events

    • Updates on what is going on with the society and psychology at Carleton 

    • Opportunities within the society 

    • QnA (if applicable)

  • Staying up to date on all academic and psychology related research, matters and events on campus

  • Helping with the planning and execution of research nights


  • Managing the database of members and volunteers:

  • Keeping track of member attendance

  • Keeping track of volunteer attendance 

  • Updating mailing list with new members 

  • Providing list of CCR approved members and volunteers

  • Responsible for any communication between members or volunteers in regards to membership or volunteering 

  • Coordinate all volunteers for all society events which includes the delegation of responsibilities and quality assurance 

  • Responsible for developing and creating partnerships within the community in which volunteers and members can take initiative

  • Organize and keep our Discord Server active


  • Planning and implementation of all events for the society 

  • Booking spaces and venues

  • Filling out and submitting all required waivers and documents for events

  • Organizing the purchase and delivery of all supplies for events 

  • Managing ticket sales and registration for events when applicable

  • Arranging for tabling for sale of tickets or advertising of events 

  • Plan and execute all society events in collaboration with the executive team

  • Responsible for submitting the Semester Activity Plan by specified deadlines

  • Maintain detailed documentation of all events and initiatives 


  • Webmaster and social media manager for the club - i.e. maintenance of the online presence of the society

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the website

  • Managing all of the society’s social media and keeping up to date

  • Advertising:

  • Creating posters for events  

  • Creating and posting events on social media

  • Sending out emails pertaining specifically to events 

  • Taking minutes at meetings if the Vice President is unable to attend 

  • Taking photographs at events 

  • Design of society graphics

  • Ensure active, appropriate and beneficial engagement with the Justice Studies community over social media platforms

  • Report back to VP and President about weekly updates (subscribers, new communication) as well as growth of society presence online

  • Managing Fb messenger communications with page followers

Director of Finance

  • Responsible for managing the finances of the society, including any money than comes in or goes out 

  • Planning and tracking all of the club’s expenditures

  • Creation of yearly budget before the start of each school year

  • Assisting with budget for events, activities, merchandise, and any other potential purchases made on behalf of the society 

  • Enforcing all financial policies of the Society

  • Reimbursing any pre-authorized spending by a member on behalf of the Society