Psychology Society

Executive Team for 2021/22

Voting Period Ends April 7th at 12:00PM ET 2021

Positions are not limited to students in Psychology, but to anyone with an interest in psychological study and thought.

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Veronica Dhindsa

Hello, PSCU Members! I hope you are doing well and staying safe during these troubling times. I want to start off by thanking you all for coming to the events and staying engaged with our society. This year has been like no other, but your strength and resilience has shown me that when people come together anything is possible. I am so proud of all of you and everything we were able to achieve as a society during this pandemic. My name is Veronica Dhindsa, but everyone calls me Ronnie! I am currently in second year, studying Criminology and Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Law and a Minor in Human Rights and Social Justice (I apologize for the extremely long title,( I finished my minor in Psychology). Last year, I was lucky enough to be elected as the Co- Director of Events. This year, I am so excited to announce that I will be running to be your next PSCU President for the year 2021-2022. PSCU has seriously changed my life; I have put countless hours planning events, designing merch and initiating conversations to better the society. I love this organization and I truly care about our members!

second choice: n/a

Vice President

Cary Diaz

Hi everyone! I’m going into my 4th and final year of Psychology at Carleton and I am running for Vice-President! I look forward to continuing my time with PSCU and I plan on bringing amazing opportunities for our members next year. I want to help each member make the most of their time as an undergraduate Psychology student, and provide them with opportunities that I believe would have been helpful during my time at Carleton. If I’m elected as VP, I plan on organizing events that will be beneficial for members (regarding graduate school and employment opportunities), create fun ways to receive volunteer credits and volunteer experience, and continue making PSCU an amazing society to be a part of!

second choice: Finance

Director of Research

Lucia Brunner

My name is Lucia Brunner, and I am an international student from Latin America going into my third of Developmental Psychology. My main career goal is to be a source of guidance and support for young students, specifically those that suffer from mental illnesses. I have been involved in multiple projects and events surrounding mental health and well-being on campus, and hope to continue to do so throughout my degree. Working with the Psychology Society seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! My vision for the next year also includes more peer-support work between members, a larger focus on psychological research opportunities, as well as integrating everything we have learned in this difficult year because of the pandemic into the Psychology societies events, as it is extremely relevant!

second choice: Member Relation


Khushi Bhardwaj

My name is Khushi and I am running for the position of Director of Member Relations or Director of Research! I am in my second year of BA Psychology (Honors), with a concentration in Developmental Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health.
I have always been incredibly passionate about everything Psychology related and I’ll be channeling that if I am to be elected! I love interacting with people, and as Director of Member Relations I hope to try and create an active and inclusive community of students through the PSCU by utilizing the Discord server. During these uncertain times, I feel that it is extremely important for Psychology student and individuals interested in Psychology to be able to find like-minded people and I wish to make the PSCU Discord server into that space. I want to make volunteering and event information more accessible and implement a system that considers times when maximum attendance can be achieved for events to maximize engagement. As the director of research, I wish to work with other executives to create an interactive newsletter and help in getting important information across to as many students as possible.

second choice: Research

My name is Darsh and I’m in my first year of Psychology (BA). I am from Brampton, Ontario! I am in interested in the positions Director of Member Relations and Communication Director. I believe I am a good fit for these positions as I am sociable, motivated, and a good conversationalist. In addition, I have experience being a member of LINK Crew and running social media accounts for clubs in high school. If I am to be elected for any of these positions I would do my best to make sure our outreach plan is effective by emailing students information about our events multiple times in a timely manner, have events with other clubs and have giveaways (if possible).

second choice: Communications

Darshanie Singh

Veronica Lavallee

Hello! My name is Veronica Lavallee, and I am a 3rd year student doing her BA Honours in Psychology with a concentration in Forensics. I am interested in this position because I am motivated, and I have many great ideas for the upcoming year! I think it would be fun to plan workshops/panels with psychologists of different concentrations, and have them come speak and answer questions that you may have. This way, if you are unsure of what stream you would like to go into, or if you already know and want to learn more, you can ask them directly! I am currently the Director of Outreach for the CUHRS, so I have experience on an executive team and will bring what I have learned from that society to my role in the PSCU. I am very approachable, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I am always willing to hear them. Thank you so much, and good luck with the end of semester!

second choice: Events


Hello! My name is Victoria and I am studying Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health here at Carleton! As to why I am running for one of the two positions of the Events Co-Director, I have been wanting to get more involved in our community here at Carleton and thought this would be a great and rewarding way to do so! For myself, mental health is at the top of my priorities list to bring more awareness to and to continue to educate those around me to end the sigma around mental health. By picking me, you can expect me to bring a larger focus on mental health events and programs that are focused within mental health issues students are facing due to the pandemics affect on our mental well-being. With the right help, I believe we as a collective can bring ourselves to a better state mentally then we had before the pandemic, and for myself, I want to be apart of this change.

second choice: n/a

Victoria Caldwell

Katelyn Madigan

My name is Katelyn Madigan and I am a first-year student studying developmental psychology. I am running for events co-director because I have experience running successful events, both in-person and virtual, thanks to my passion and drive. From my role as chair of my high school's Relay for Life committee to the chair of the residence issues committee on RRRA, I am always advocating for participation amongst students to create a sense of community. My year at Carleton has been one to remember, but we can definitely increase engagement amongst psychology students. For the upcoming year, I plan to work with the psychology society to create engaging events that can benefit psychology students at large. This will include meeting the alumni events, game nights, and town halls where the psychology society can answer any questions from the student body. I will also continuously seek feedback from psychology students so I can create events that students want to see because, at the end of the day, I am representing YOU.

second choice: communications

Hello! My name is Viktoria Szabo, and I am applying for the co-director of events position! I am studying Health psychology here at Carleton. I want to have this position because I love planning and organizing events! Although I understand that it will not be all fun and games, I suppose every goal in life has its difficulties. Besides my interests in events, I believe that I am a good fit because I am punctual, an active listener, and always try my best with what I’ve got! While the future seems uncertain, I still hope to plan events where everyone feels safe and welcome! In high school I often volunteered for positions similar to this one such as creating banners to advertise department events.

second choice: n/a

Viktoria Szabo

I am a 3rd-year forensic psychology student. I am interested in this position, as I believe it will allow me to practice event planning and/or developing my professional communication skills. I believe I am a good fit, as I have had a huge passion for event planning. When I was little I used to beg my mom to let me help her plan weddings. I have a huge passion for mental health support, as I am apart of multiple mental health volunteer groups. One of my favorite groups is the Student Mental Health Engagement Committee, and you can find more about me via this link

second choice: Member Relations

Megan Kidd


Niyati Mistry

Hi! My name is Niyati and I will be a third year student at Carleton as of Fall 2021! I’m a psychology student with a concentration in Health Psychology and Well-being. I am interested in becoming a part of the executive team because I want to form valuable connections with other psychology majors. Especially, with COVID, there seems to be a disconnect with the society and I want to help re-build these connections which is why I want to run for the Director of Communications. I also have a strong graphic design background and want to bring our website, posters, and social media up to date with more exciting graphics and designs to help promote events and grab your interest! I have a strong sense of passion for psychology and the visual arts, and I want to apply my skills to this society. The first thing you see when it comes to this society is the graphics and the design. I want to improve these elements so that you can get out of your comfort zone and participate in these amazing events!

second choice: Member Relations

Emily Madole

Hi there! My name is Emily & I'm currently in my second year in Forensic Psychology here at Carleton. I was born in Calgary AB, moved to Burlington ON in 2012 and am currently living in Ottawa so I know a thing or two about time management in different time zones. I'm interested in both the Communication Director & Events Co-Director positions because I love engaging with my community & encouraging student engagement around campus. In an online world it's especially important to have both an engaging website and social media handles. This would be my aim for our online presence if I were elected. I've also been active around campus through volunteer work with events like Frosh. I would encourage student engagement in our members through different events built for both an online or face-to-face world. I also work at an Escape Room in Burlington which has given me experience in event hosting (and puzzle solving). I look forward to being a positive contributor to our community & meeting you all!

second choice: Events