Mural Contest

Get a chance to design a tunnel mural for the Psychology Society!

Contest ended November 31st @11:55pm

Requirements by PSCU:

Images should, by word or design:

  • Represent Psychology Society of Carleton University

  • Represent the field of psychology in a positive light

Requirements by Equity Services:

Images should, by word or design:

  • Portray a positive image of campus life and/or Carleton University

  • Promote inclusiveness and build community

  • Observe the principles of respect, peace, tolerance, and trust (see Statement on Conduct and Human Rights, Carleton Human Rights Policy,

Images may not, by word or design:

  • Be racist, homophobic or sexist (or create a sexualized environment)

  • Promote stereotypes of persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexual, or transgendered persons

  • Ridicule or promote intolerance towards any religion

  • Promote violence, or the use of weapons, alcohol or drugs

  • Contain abusive language that targets individuals or groups

  • Be personalized attacks on individuals

  • Appear larger than life and threatening

Submit by email to

Email must include your student number in body